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Captain & CoFouder

Heiarii Tavaitai

Currently manager & partner of the company Akivai Lagoon Adventures. Thanks to Mihiatea, I have known the area of tourism since 2013. I helped them during my days off in their activities.

Heiarii Tavaitai, Captain & CoFouder of Akivai Lagoon Adventures.

I am a sea lover. I also grew up by the water. I have been fishing since I was young. Starting with angling, net fishing, then big game fishing with my father and my uncles. Then I was passionate about underwater fishing. I love everything related to the sea. I was also a Va’a (Tahitian canoe) champion in Moorea. I had the chance to row in big rowing clubs in Tahiti, and thanks to the oar I was able to travel not only to the islands of French Polynesia but also abroad.

Heiarii Tavaitai, Captain & CoFouder of Akivai Lagoon Adventures.

Here I am today, the father of 3 wonderful boys and happy to be able to work in my element which is the sea in a heavenly place. But also, being able to share the heavenly places of my island with you.

My first name means, the King’s Crown. I am the king of my 3 little Princes Akihei, Akinui and Akihiva.