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In love with our beautiful island Moorea, Akivai was conceived in 2019, and it was born in 2020. “AKIVAI” which means “Source of the sky”. Our mission is quite simply to share our culture and the beauty of our island with you! Local and experienced guides will make you discover this magical island as well as the crystal clear waters of our lagoon inhabited by our marine animals! We offer 3 Services to choose from, private or not. Do not hesitate to browse our site and ask us for information. Hope to see you very soon! Māuruuru roa!

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Complete travel guide to Society Islands (French Polynesia). Explore The Islands of Tahiti. Every adventure to Tahiti and her Islands starts here!

S O C I E T Y I S L A N D S . C O M

Society Islands

The Islands of Tahiti

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